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HostJams is more than just a company that develops websites and provides web services. Sometime what you really need are resources. At HostJams, we provide amazing features to bring your dreams to reality. We provide resources and make it possible for you to get online in no time.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive and unbeatable. Our foremost goals is to make it affordable for you to get your website/business online. We eliminate money from the list of obstacles you have to overcome for you to come online and stay online

Development Tracking

At HostJams, we believe in providing a way for our clients to track their website in development. Unlike other companies, we do not send pictures back and forth. Instead, we set up a demo and password protected url that is view only by you.

Jump start templates

We assist our clients in designing the appearance of their websites and the unique experience provided by each. We know you want an edge above the rest, as such our package includes a wide range of templates to choose from. Image & Design makes you stand out from the crowd and we overstand that, kickstart your business with a hostjams' template we'll have you up and running in no time.


We designed our own control panel and we are always working on proving it so it will be easier, simple and comfortable for our clients to use and understand.

Let Us Serve You

We exist because of you, we want to please you and meet your needs. Whether you need a website, web app, maintaining or any other web services, our team can put your mind at ease. Our services include but are not limited to:

Design & User Experience

We will work with you to ensure that you have an edge cutting design. We will also ensure that your visitors can navigate your website seamless.

Responsive Design

All our designs are mobile and responsive whether your user is browsing using tablet, smartphone or a computer.


We provide customized design whether it is CMS or DB solution to meet your needs. Every solution is customized and tailored to suit your needs.


We provide hosting services at reasonable prices which can be managed by you using our friendly Control panels.


We provide hosting services to companies which need to facilitate the exchange of cash for goods or services online.

High Quality

Mind-blowing designs are great but what good are they if they are not reliable or robust. We are committed to provide you with high quality and robust design.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access

We provide our clients that selects certain plan package with FTP account access.

Web Space / Database

At HostJams size will never be be an issue, name it and we've got it. Our databases are powered by PHPMYADMIN and MYSQL.

Email Service

We will provide clients with domain email addresses. Each Address may be customized as follows


We are driven by simple philosophies, your need for quality web solutions and our aim to provide credible, affordable and reliable services.

Our Company

HostJams is a Jamaica online based company that provides cutting edges,high qualities, affordable, reliable, hosting, and professional web services for individuals and businesses both in Jamaica and international.

Our Humble story

As a college student, people would always ask me to design websites for them and it occurs to me that there are not enough cheap web designing companies in Jamaica. I decided to have a conversation with my college friends regarding providing cheap web designing service and HostJam was born.

Our Team

Our team consist of highly motivate, clients-friendly and brilliant individuals who are committed to provide the best services to ensure that our clients expectations are met and their money are well-spent. Throughout the development process we communicate with our client around the clock to ensure that we develops the product and service according to their expectations. We are not afraid to ask our client if we are on track and correct any error(s) in designing that might have been on our part.

Kemoy Campbell

Founder, CEO

Ranbir Aulakh

VP and Fullstack Developer



Our Process

We believe in providing our clients with the best of the best services.In additonal, we will keep our client informed through out all phases and constant welcome feedbacks. Below are our agility approaches of satisifing our client's needs.














HostJams is a dream come true! We needed a website quickly developed to allow our social enterprise to grow and they have exceeded our expectations. We were up and running with seamlessly integrated e-commerce within a week, then six months in we decided to change the feel of our website and once again, the HostJams team was there to listen, ask questions and then provide solutions. What more can you ask for from a tech services firm that fast, friendly, reliable work that looks great and is very affordable? Thank you HostJams!

Blake Widmer
Deaf Can! Coffee

We had been looking for a web developer/designer for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our taste. Finally, when I discovered Kemoy Campbell through a friend, — which became obvious as soon as we started working together. After reviewing our requirements, Kemoy sent us a few ideas and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Also it is awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Thank you for making it real comfortable.

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